Catherine Larson


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

with a Master's in Public

Affairs and more than 20

years of planning,

program development, 

and process improvement experience.  

Specializing in project management, stakeholder coordination and collaboration, policy development, program planning, and marketing and communications. 

Recognized for the ability to provide leadership in challenging and dynamic work environments.

Execute:  We work to implement the solutions in a manner that ensures delivery of the expected results.


ACE Consulting

Larson Consulting


Conceptualize:  We facilitate idea creation activities and then help you evaluate and rank those ideas to find the best possible solution or solutions for the situation.

Analyze:  Using data driven assessments, we work with key staff and stakeholders to understand the situation.

(844) 452-2552

Seattle, wa

Let us take your organization to the next level...


Larson Consulting Associates is a federally and state certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise; and federally certified Small Business Enterprise.  We offer superior consulting services that employ best management practices and continuous improvement philosophies.  These strategies can work immediately to reduce costs or increase productivity and can be used time and again to improve businesses processes.

Want to take your organization to the next level?  Let Larson Consulting Associates help you get there using our proven ACE methodology.